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    Billings, Montana

    YOUR career IS WAITING

    The possibilities are endless -

    You're up for the challenge -

    You've waited a long time for this -

    Let your resume help you get there.

     Whether you are fresh out of college or a person with many years of work experience, hunting for a new job is a stressful experience. When you have a great résumé, your confidence will increase and make it easier for you to make a great First Impression.


    You will walk into an interview knowing that you are a great candidate rather than feeling unsure about your résumé and skills. Résumé writing services might cost a bit of money, but the peace of mind that comes with our services is worth every penny.


    I love providing people with the tools they need to secure a job that they truly want.


    A great résumé is an investment in your future, and I can provide you with that résumé in just three to five days. It takes only a few minutes to get the process started, so contact me today and let me work some magic for you.

    Entry Level


    The key to a successful job search will be largely determined by the power of your presentation. You have worked hard to earn your degree, and now it is time to have your degree work for you.

    Starting at $150

    Professional Level


    In this competitive job market, you need a skillfully written resume demonstrating the depth of your expertise and the talents you bring to the table. I write for many fields—from marketing, administration, sales, teaching, hospitality, to healthcare.

    Starting at $240

    Executive Level


    You have 7-10 seconds to capture a hiring manager’s or admission director’s interest. In today’s highly competitive job market, where the typical advertised position opening will receive hundreds of responses, it takes an effective resume to secure interviews.

    Starting at $350

    What My Clients Are Saying

    Reasons to work with First Impressions


    You have a story to tell and employers want to hear it.

    I take the time to listen to your story beyond the standard job description - what do you like to do... how do you do it... what is missing in your work life... where do you want to be?


    Everything I do is personalized and reflects you. Whether I'm building you a resume or facilitating your career transition, I start with you and work from there. I have a lot of experience and training to fall back on and a lot of advice to give, but I come to you unassuming, without preconceived ideas as to who you are or how I should help.


    I’ve designed a process that uses the right balance of self-paced career assessment,

    1-on-1 consultation, web collaboration, and well-thought-out worksheets to keep you engaged and inspired. I’ll dig deep and will be with you every step of the way.


    At First Impressions, I help people into jobs. I never grow tired of receiving grateful emails and reviews talking about interviews, offers, salary increases, and dream jobs. My clients are consistently amazed by how different things are after their First Impressions experience. You, too, can find renewed enthusiasm for your life and career.